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What would you do in this mythical vampire scenario?

You found out your boyfriend is a vampire. You are scared of vampires because youve had a bad experience with them. One used to bully you in high school. 

You have heard a rumour that your boyfriend gets severe cravings for human blood. You then start to feel scared 

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    Well in this scenario I think if you did have a bad experience with vampires, you would probably tell your boyfriend to stay away from you and do your best to avoid/ ignore them. A long time ago I read a WEBTOON called “orange marmalade.” In it the female MC is the vampire, when the guy finds out he gets angry/creeped out and does the classic “stay away” line. Although that fictional world is different I would suggest reading it if you want some good human/vampire interaction.

    All that said if it was me in this scenario, I can get kinky.

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    I was bullied by a vampire in high school?

    Er, this doesn't sound like much of a real vampire tale.

    And ALL vampires have serious cravings for blood. That's the point. Without blood, they die.  That being the case, just about every mortal would be frightened of vampires and seek to avoid them.

    I can't say I'd stick with a boyfriend who turned out to be a vampire. I always did find the "Twilight" series to be rather ridiculous and silly.

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