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Where in the best place to stay in Key West for a Honey moon?

We’re thinking about having our honey moon in Key West, Florida, this October. We want a hotel or resort on the beach and a close distance to bars and restaurants. I want a nice room with an ocean view or a place I won’t ever forget. Price is not an issue. 

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    Key West doesn't really have beaches.   There is one man made beach called Smather's Beach.  All the bars and restaurants are on Duval Street and most of the popular places are at the Mallory Square end of Duval Street. (look at a map)

    You see the ocean water around Key West is very shallow, there aren't really any waves to create sand.  Going to the beach isn't really a thing in Key West.  Key West is a drinking town with a fishing problem.  You go to Key West to go sport fishing and drink yourself silly at night.  Also be aware that Key West has an event called Fantasy Fest that happens in October, depending on when in October you plan to go, you could be in trouble getting reservations already.   That assumes Fantasy Fest happens this year????  Key West is a TON of fun, just not a great beach destination.  Make sure your liver is in top condition before you arrive.My suggestion is that you stay at what is now known as the Margaritaville Key West resort (it used to be a Westin property).  It's located on the marina.  If you get a marina view, the view doesn't suck.  It's a one block walk to Duval Street.  It's really in an ideal location.  Then rent one or two scooters that you can use to zip down to Smathers beach if you want to go to the beach.  Scooters are the best way to get around Key West.  Another option I'd recommend in KW is a B&B called the Artist House.  No view, but it's very nice and in a good location.   Look at for other suggestions.

    If the beach is your highest priority, then Key West wouldn't be the best destination in Florida in my opinion.  Better options would be Siesta Key (Sarasota), Anna Maria (although there isn't a big bar scene there), any of the beach communities west of St. Petersburg or Clearwater (i.e. Indian Shores, Treasure Island) or Sandestin (any of the communities along FL 30A between Sandestin and Seacrest around Grayton Beach State Park).  This is up near Destin/Panama Beach, but the really nice part.  Panama Beach is a white trash riviera.  Destin is very busy and in my opinion slightly more upscale than Panama Beach.  The area between them is a completely different world.

    Source(s): Live in Sarasota, traveled all over FL. IMHO, Siesta Key is the best beach in FL.
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