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For the following reactions, (a) write the balanced reaction equations and (b) IDENTIFY the type of reaction as ONE of the following: acid-base, precipitation, or redox (Only one reaction type applies to each reaction and all three should be used).

For the acid-base reaction, label the acid, the base, the conjugate acid, and the conjugate base. Write an expression for the Ka of the reaction.

For the precipitation reaction, if a solid is formed, indicate the solid.

For the redox reaction, indicate what is oxidized, what is reduced, and write the corresponding half-reactions.


 Aqueous hydroiodic acid (HI) reacts with liquid water in a reversible reaction.

 Solid zinc reacts with solid manganese (IV) oxide producing solid zinc oxide and solid manganese (III) oxide.

 Aqueous silver nitrate reacts with aqueous calcium chloride.

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    The first is an acid base reaction.

    HI(aq) + H2O(l) <--> H3O+(aq) + I-(aq)

    acid........base.......conj. acid.......conj. base

    Ka = [H3O+][I-]/[HI]

    (water is not included in the expression of Ka)

    Zn(s) + 2 MnO2(s) --> Mn2O3(s) + ZnO(s)

    This is a redox reaction. Zn(s) is oxidized and MnO2 is reduced

    Zn(s) --> Zn2+ + 2 e-

    2 MnO2 + 2 e- --> Mn2O3

    2 AgNO3(aq) + CaCl2(aq) --> Ca(NO3)2(aq) + 2 AgCl(s)

    This is a precipitation reaction which forms solid AgCl as a precipitate.

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