best friend being fake?!?

I have a friend who gasses me sometimes. I don't like wishy washy people I just rather someone tell me the truth and stick with it. This is our second year as roommates. When we came back this year she was saying how she told a guy on the elevator that I was a 10/10. the other day a guy was talking to us and she told me he was flirting with me and that I looked good but I always looked good and was a 10 and stuff like that. I dont have extreme low self esteem but I definitely need reassurance. My ex still compliments me but he sometimes he ignores me for hours and I like to hear that I look good all the time.

I wore the same thing i always wear earlier today and my roommate didnt compliment me, when she normally does. in fact today we went out at around 11-12 at night to get some cookies we saw a group of girls in tank tops and short shorts and my roommate was like "I love how everyone is all dressed up and were bumming it" she said this a couple of times but I was wearing an oversized tank top and some lounge pants and hoop earrings and ofc I didnt look my best but I wore the same shirt and everything with some shorts the other day and she said I looked cute. Also before we went out tonight I said I had to fix myself up really quick and she was like "its night time, noone can see you". Why is this girl so hot and cold like why is one second, shes calling me pretty and the next shes insulting me?!

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  • Foofa
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    You and this "roommate" are WAY to up in each other's business. You should worry more about getting ahead in life and not so much about what you're wearing and what other people think about what you're wearing. A roommate's function is to split the rent and do half the chores. It isn't to buoy the self esteem of an insecure person. Maybe reframe this relationship because right now you're expecting far too much from it. 

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