Blind Side question?

In Chapter 2 readers meet Tom Lemming. Who is he, and what did he do for a living? Name two other players he scouted and why you think author Michael Lewis dedicated a chapter to him in “The Blind Side”.

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  • Marli
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    1 month ago

    The answers should be in Chapter 2 of "The Blind Side".  The "why you think" answer is your opinion and comes out of your thinking about what you read.

    Read the chapter.  Ask your teacher if you need help understanding the questions or finding the answers.

  • 1 month ago

    Tom Lemming is chief of the "Reluctant Lemmings", the revolutionary group of Lemmings who want to steer Lemming society away from the cliff edge - literally. Half his wages as a Lemming Council Duck Cataloguer (he catalogued all ducks living in the Council's territory) went to the revolution. Two of the ducks he scouted were Bob the Duck and John the Duck. Lewis dedicated a chapter to Tom because, as he said, "I like Lemmings, and I like Lemmings called Tom, so calling my main Lemming Tom was going to happen, wasn't it?" to which the interviewer replied "Yes". Hope this helped.

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