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Any tips how to get a 8 year old to stop being so nosy and obnoxious?

My boyfriend has made it clear that he and his daughter is a package deal. She is not mean spirited, but if she's home when I visit, there is so much of her. She talks. She runs around. Its starting to get too much. I thought I could handle it at first because she is not my responsibility, but when she is around, she really is around. She finds any topic interesting and has questions even if she clearly does not understand what we talk about, 

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    I hate to break it to you, but she sounds like a pretty normal 8 year old.

  • 2 months ago

    give him a laptop to play minecraft on, that will distract him 

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    Kids are naturally active, noisy, and curious. That's part of being a kid.  If you don't want that in your life, they you need to find a guy who doesn't have a child.

    It isn't clear whether the child is just a normal kid or if the father has failed to raise the child to be respectful of adults. The child may also see you as a threat or competition for her father's attention.

    It is not your place to correct or discipline your boyfriends daughter.  You can talk to him about your concerns see if he is willing to work with his daughter to learn to be respectful of your conversations and or play quietly by herself for short periods.  Those are normal expectations of an 8-year-old.  

    You, as the adult, also have a responsibility to include the child in some things if you are going to hang out in her home and date her father.  Again, if this is not your cup of tea, then end the relationship and look for a guy who doesn't have  kids. 

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    Children have to be taught how to behave.  Set boundaries and if she crosses the boundaries take a belt to her backside.  

    She'll learn manners, one way or another. 

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  • 2 months ago

    She is her father's child.  Not yours.  You should have second thoughts about staying in a relationship with this man, because his child is always going to come first.  Children are naturally inquisitive, may she's just a smart child who wants to learn as much as possible.  Could be a future POTUS.

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    Look at it from her side, she has lost the connection with both parents, now you are in the picture and you are going to take her dad's attention away from her. He has told you his priority, his daughter comes first, you have to put her first also, or he won't see you in the picture. If you want a relationship with him, make one with her.

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