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I am having an issue with one of my tenants?

I recently went over to change the HVAC filter and I noticed that the filter has a very strong odor of urine I believe someone is peeing into the air duct there's no way to know which tenant is doing it it's a two apartment house the HVAC system covers bolt apartments as a duct work is all connected together if someone is truly urinating into the duck what could possibly happen


Both apartments have no animals in them most of the tenants have children and the vents for the ducks are on the floor I believe one of the tenants children peeing into the duck but I can't make such an accusation at without proof I'm not looking to accuse anybody but I'm worried about what's going to happen to HVAC system if this keeps going on

Update 2:

Hey listen if you think I'm fabricating this I'll give you the address you can come on down and smell the filter it smells like urine

Update 3:

We do not have rodents in this house we had terminix coming in there and spraying regularly the only time it stopped was after covid-19

Update 4:

@anonymous thank you I'm going to try sending this letter format out to my tenants to see if they give me any answers

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    Since you don't want to make accusations, a letter to the tenants of both units might be the way to go. Stick to the facts, along the lines of:

    Recently as I serviced the HVAC system that serves [address one] and [address two--no names], a strong odor of urine came from the filter. This happens when a person or animal urinates into a heating/cooling duct. I have replaced the filter.

    Please make sure children know they cannot urinate into the ducts, since the air everyone breathes is then filtered through someone's urine. If there are unauthorized pets in the unit, re-home them immediately.

    Thank you for your cooperating in preventing this problem from happening again.

    Have it typed up. You can even mail it certified, with a request for delivery confirmation, without it costing much, giving you proof they got it.

    We also have to acknowledge that men who are drunk or high, or simply jerks, pee in some unacceptable places. It could just as easily be an adult.

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    Maybe they are drunks  ....drunks can be sloppy.

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    build a cover around it. make sure it can still get air circulation though.

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    if this story is really true, i think you have rodents in your walls.In response to the comments:"I have Terminx coming monthly so there is no rodents in the walls".== REALLY, you think Terminx is crawling around your attic space each month?  They aren't.

    And since they aren't in your attic each month, you have no idea what is in your walls.But instead you are going to be a jackass landlord and send a letter to the tenants?

    Glad I'm an owner instead of having to do with a landlord like you.I'm so dumb, I think someone is peeing into the filter.  You know because someone who pees into the filter is going to take the time to clean on the splatter that splats into the house when this is done.  Let's pretend they are even so helpful that they open the vent to get directly to the filter = DON'T YOU THINK IT'S STILL GOING TO BE ALL OVER THE PLACE?

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    I think someone would have to actually pee on the filter itself for it to pick up the scent.

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