What's a good way to clean coins you don't plan on selling?

These german coins have been in my family for a few generations and I just made an excellent display case for them (if I do say so myself). The case will be built around the coins so they won't be able to be taken out without destroying said case. So I want to make the coins shine better than ever. I don't care about the quality of the coins degrading I want them to look nice. So what's a good method to clean them?

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  • Dze
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    1 month ago
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    a good product that is fairly mild is 'blue magic' polish ... i had some ww2 steel pennies i wanted to display over the fireplace and it polished them up nice ...

  • 1 month ago

    Depending on what the coins are made from you may clean them only to find that the tarnish again. Copper, brass, bronze or silver will all tarnish over time. You need to take that into account. Just about any metals polish will work. Some leave behind a coating that keeps them from tarnishing so fast.

  • jean
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    1 month ago

    leave them in a cup of coke

  • 1 month ago

    When you are older, and wiser, you will understand the quality of an old coin.  It is NOT in the shine.  It should not shine.  If  you want shiny, go and buy a brand new coin straight from the bank when the next new lot of coins come out.  You will destroy their value and their appearance by turning an old and valuable, collectable coin into a shiny shame.  You will not only cut the value "in half" but instead of having a wonderful display of old collectable, and possibly very valuable coins to show, but they won't be worth looking at anymore.  If you want new, buy some shiny new Presidential coins.  They glow, and they come in gold.  If some are horribly dirty, just plain dish soap and water and do not - do not scrub hard.  Use the softest tooth brush and just clean off any muck, lightly and carefully, rinse and allow to air dry.  The dark color is age and it adds to the beauty and the collector value and the value.  Don't screw up your collection.  Who you pass it down to will not appreciate it.  You will have essentially ruined the collection.  We do not own antiques.  We are only the guardians.

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  • gerald
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    1 month ago

    Coke cola leave them soaking in cola for a day or two 

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