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Is it okay for someone who lives in public housing to tell their friend who just bought a house in an area for the school districts that the?

Neighborhood they’re moving to is bad? Since it’s okay to give an opinion is it okay or does it sound jealous?

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    It doesn't necessarily sound jealous, but it is rude.    It's like noticing someone got a new haircut and telling them it's a bad haircut.

    I was recently looking at buying a new car and my prat of a SIL started going off about how she doesn't like that kind of car and I'd be far better off with this or that car.   Did I ask for your opinion?    NO.   If you don't want to buy the car I want, then don't.   But please leave me alone.

    So be polite and butt out.   Your friend has already purchased the house.  There is no reason to insult their choice (and that's how it's going to come across).

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    They can - but why would that be in any way useful? They've already bought a house. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Mind your own business.

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    Of course, this is just your opinion of it. Still a bad neighborhood might be better than no house, so they may know this but have no choice but to move there anyhow, but nothing wrong with telling them your thoughts on the neighborhhood and school district.

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  • Sandy
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    1 month ago

    a house is better than public housing any day, even in a bad neighborhood. the autonomy alone is worth it. 

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