Why is Tom Bombadil important in Lord of the Rings? Would the story have been any less without him?

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    2 months ago
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    If you read Lord of the Rings as an action story you can edit him out no problem, but Tolkien was interested in deep time in his world building.  When you first read LoTR he's just annoying, then one day you realise that it's a carefully constructed facade and that Tom Bombadil is possibly the most powerful actor on Middle Earth, so ancient and powerful that the rest of the plot is hardly a ripple to him and that Tolkien wanted his characters and us by extension to gain a glimpse the personification of the land itself, the one who remembers the very first raindrop.

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    Tom Bombadil, offered some wisdom to the hobbits, introduced them to a world bigger than the shire, and saved their butts at least twice  (Old Man Willow and The Barrows Down) He was something of an aside that was left out of the movie but he is important to the Lore

  • Lomax
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    2 months ago

    Well, Bombadil doesn't drive the plot forward in any way - other than to provide Merry with the Barrow-Blade with which he later stabbed the Lord of the Nazgul. And, by implication, the hobbits meet Huorns in the Old Forest - though without any Ents to keep them under control.

    But no, the three chapters in which Tom Bombadil appears could be edited out without too much trouble. It would probably be a shame, though.

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