What are my chances realistically of rehire if I give my two weeks notice and leave in good terms ?

I am currently working for GMI (Guard Management Inc).    Which they pay $13.00 an hour.  I have an opportunity to apply and work for Brosnan security which they are paying $16.00 an hour.  I have been with GMI two years this September.  I just want the opportunity if things do not pan out at the new company to return to GMI.  I will give GMI the opportunity to counter offer to see if they make match the $16.00 an hour or more, I am willing to stay for $15.50.  any help, suggestions, I would greatly appreciate.  Thank you in advance CJ.

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  • A.J.
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    3 months ago

    That is completely up to GMI. Some company management are very emotional and think an employee leaving is a traitor, but they fire and layoff without much thought typically. Leaving on good terms is better than bad terms. You would have prior service with the company which gives them advantages in procedure training and a history of your performance, which is good. You still have to do what is best for you. Assure any benefits are equivalent in comparing the 16 and 13, and if GMI has you as W-2 employee where Brosnan could be about 1099 Independent contractor. You need to match what is offered to what you have fully.

    GMI is a Southern California company with limited services and localized geography. Brosnan is a national company with many types of services and jobs in the field.

  • 3 months ago

    Of course it all depends on the staffing situation when you go to re-join your organization, but you'll find that companies are often more likely to bring back former employees than to onboard brand new people. It just makes sense due to the opportunity costs of having to train new employees, waiting to see if they will actually work out, and potentially having to endure the turnover costs. They already know you and this saves them money.

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