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What's the point of having a 4k tv?

I have a hdr tv, not 4k, and I think it's good enough as it is. 4k isn't something that will make any difference to me, only money out of my pockets.

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    blu ray's actually look alot worse when you upscale them on a 4K tv.... the same crap that happened with DVD and older game systems when LCD's first came out... I have both a 40" 4K led and a 32" 1080p led and the 32" 1080p led looks twice as good as the 4K tv when playing 1080p content and don't even bother playing dvd's on a 4k tv it looks horrible. It's garbage technology when compared to older CRT's

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    only if its OLED,LCD is retarded old fashioned and has a fixed grid of pixels,meaning if you want to watch something from VHS up to standard DVD to Blue Ray it will look worse than you tube in its pathetic modern era super compressed 480p mode.

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    Wendell is wrong about Blu Rays looking terrible on 4K TVs. I have two OLEDs, my brother has the Sony X950G, and my parents have my older Samsung 4K TVs. They all looked amazing, and displayed the picture beautifully.

    What doesn’t display a picture beautifully, cheap Blu Ray players and cheap TVs. The power of the TV isn’t the amount of pixels it has but the picture processor, and what’s working behind the scenes that makes the picture look great.

    If you don’t think you need a new TV, then don’t buy one. I would just set money aside and save for one. There will become a time when you’ll want to upgrade, or have to, and if you invest in a good quality TV, you’ll be very happy with it and will realize what you were missing with that old TV of yours.

    Also, you only really get HDR with 4K displays and even then, again, if it’s not a higher model you’re not really getting the best picture. Cheaper 4K TVs will say 4K HDR, but it’s behind the display is what counts. Take Samsung’s entry level 4K TVs for example, they say 4K HDR. However it doesn’t support Wide Color Gamut, so it has a very limited color volume. It also doesn’t offer any local dimming in its LED, so it’s contrast level is meh. It’s peak brightness will most likely be mediocre because it can’t dim out the dark parts of the movie, and brightness the highlights in the scene. That’s why it’s a cheap TV, because it’s lacking a lot of the features.

    However, when you climb the model numbers you’ll start tapping into the world of 4K HDR and see how fantastic of a display it is. I never wished I had my old Panasonic plasma back, because my OLEDs are like plasma but on steroids they are that good.

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    If your vision is limited, such as being encumbered by cataracts, poor vision correction, neoplasms, or other ailments, then upgrading your television from 1920 x 1080 ("1080") to 4096 x 2166 ("4K") may not be of much practical use to you because you won't be able to see the difference.

    4K screens roughly approximate the resolution of a 35 mm film projector in a "standard" movie theatre.

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    2 months ago

    its a waste of money 

  • 2 months ago

    Porn looks better.

  • 2 months ago

    You don't get HDR without 4K.  HDR is the reason to get it.

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    Then you have never seen your favorite movie in 4k...

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    Not bought a 4k TV myself but the increased colour range has me interested in upgrading at some point when I have seen a 4k TV it looks good.

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    4k makes a big difference in noticeable quality in TV's bigger than 65 inches.   4k content is somewhat limited right now so it's not worth dumping a good Full HD tv to upgrade.  If your TV breaks or you need one for a new room then it's inexpensive to upgrade to 4k compared to buying a non-4k tv. 

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    Your TV is likely limited to 1080 pixels

    4k televisions are 2160 pixels

    It's not really necessary for most people though.

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