What are your thoughts on Montrezl Harrell calling Luka Doncic a white boy? Should he be punished?

For those who do not know, Luka told Harrell to stop flopping which Harrell then responded with "B**ch a$$ white boy." No action has been taken as of yet. However, my problem with this is that in the NBA bubble and in general one of the biggest if not the biggest problem that we face is racial inequality. So if they are punishing people for contributing to the inequality doesn't that mean Montrezl Harrell should be punished. I am sick of people who say racism is a one way street because its not anybody can be racist. And if they really want to start being proactive they have to stop everyone from saying things that are racist, this including. I just don't understand how people can advocate for equality at one time and then do and say things like this a blink of an eye later, don't they see that things like this will only fuel the problem rather than stop it. I wanted some other NBA fans and peoples thoughts on this. I think Harrell should be suspended for the rest of this series and at least half of the next, maybe even a small fine. But enough is enough already anyone who does something wrong needs to be punished because racism is not a one way street. 


I think people misunderstood what I meant. Regardless of if you think Luka Doncic is actually white or not. I am saying there is no room fro comments such as Harrell's. Should Harrell be punished by the league for saying that it is racist.

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  • Magui
    Lv 6
    3 months ago

    I couldn't care less if Luka Doncic was an American but since he is Slovenian (European), I think Americans should refrain from mistreating European people.

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