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Greatest Sports Upset Ever?

1969 New York Mets Miracle Mets Squad World Series Winners, Buster Douglas Knockouts Iron Mike Tyson, Naomi Osaka And Bianca Andreescu US Open Tennis Winners In 2018 And 2019, Villanova Wildcats Winners In The 1985 NCAA March Madness, Miracle On Ice 1980, Denver Nuggets 1994 NBA Playoffs Upset Or Joe Namath's The Guarantee In Super Bowl 3 (1969) Bonus: Golden State Warriors 1975 NBA Champs 

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    I say that the Miracle on Ice was the greatest upset. The other teams on this list had been together for a whole season. The 1980 Olympic Team was made up of players from around the country and a new coach and had only months to prepare themselves to play. Their level of play had to rise above the standard of the Russian team in order to beat them which they did.

    Although an individual's upset is exciting to watch, his/her play is just one person vs. 25 or so on a team, so a team win can be considered greater because more than one player has to raise their game to win.

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    for me it was the undertakers strike breaking in WWE

  • Anonymous
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    Napoli having lost two games against Werder Bremen, although Napoli had the best player worldwide and the team of Napoli was much more expensive. Also: When Denmark won the Euro 1992, Greece the Euro 2004 and Porto the Champions League 2004.

    Furthermore: when Kaiserslautern won the German championships in 1998, although they were relegated in 1996 and promoted again in 1997.

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    I was born in 72 and for me like u mentioned one of the BIGGEST upsets I can remember was Buster Douglas knocking out Tyson in 1990, that really was so unexpected. I'm also a big tennis fan and in 1987 Boris Becker was going for a 3rd Wimbledon in a row and he was still only 19 and was hot favourite for Wimbledon that year but lost to a complete unknown called Peter Doohan in the 2nd round. Those are 2 big ones i can think of. 

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    Buster Douglas knocks out Mike Tyson. The 1968 NY Jets defeat the mighty Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl 3. Also The NY Giants defeat over the undefeated New England Patriots Super Bowl 42. 

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    The Miracle on Ice followed by the Giants beating an undefeated Pats team in Super Bowl XLII.

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    2004 red sox come back from 3 games to none against the rival yankees in the alcs

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