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Why doesnt medicaid cover lasiK already?

They cover glasses and contacts..  Lasik is cheaper in the long run.   Its no longer a new procedure.

Its no more "elective" than glasses or contacts are.   As far as being necessary vs elective, its exactly the SAME.


Glasses are NOT "necessary" either..  But medicaid still pays for them.

Update 2:

Lasik is cheaper in the long run than glasses.   Glasses can cost upwards of $500 a year, while lasik is a few grand..  It pays for itself quickly

Update 3:

No one talks about the side effects of wearing glasses tho either..  Such as thr fact that you are less social and people view you as ugly when you wear glasses.

And glasses are NOT "necessary" either..   They are ELECTIVE

Update 4:

I shouldnt have to "pay for it myself" when I am ALREADY paying for medicaid insurance.    If they can stop taking medicaid out of my paycheck.. Then i can agree to pay for it myself

Update 5:

Then medicaid should NOT cover glasses and contacts either.    Those are the SAME THING as lasik

Update 6:

Glasses actually CAN make you blind.   Glasses have RUINED my vision.   My eyesight got WORSE after I got glasses.

Update 7:

Glasses are also NOT NECESSARY.    They are a LUXURY.    So it is NOT LOGICAL that glasses would be covered, but lasik wouldnt be.

Lasik can make you blind?  So can cataract surgery..  Which is also a LUXURY, but is covered by medicaid!

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  • L
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    1 month ago

    Lasik surgery is NOT a necessity - it is a luxury.

  • kelvin
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    2 months ago

    it makes you an idiot if you think this way and glasses won't make you blind like lasik can if they screw up

  • 2 months ago

    Many of the people paying taxes to cover your Medicaid don't think they can afford LASIK. Many would have to make great sacrifices to do so.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Ok did you ever see the side effects from the eye surgery?

    I think it was in Michigan where a TV anchor took her own life because of the side effects. The new procedure has a terrible track record as well. More corrective surgery to repair the lazik surgery damage. And it still let people in pain and damaged eyes.

    And FYI that surgery is not a permanent solution.Many still need corrective glasses, mosting for reading. Plus many others who still have to wear glasses (many can not wear contacts after surgery), although not as a sever as prior to.

    IT is also an "ELECTIVE" procedure. It is not 1 that aids or increases life expectancy.

    Also your complaining abt Medicaid or whatever public insurance you have.

    Heck you just need better insurance.

    I have excellent health insurance and they do NOT cover "elective" procedures like lazik.

    Just get a part time job save up the small amount it costs and get it yourself.

    If you think it is so cheap and effective, than pay for it yourself.

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  • 2 months ago

    because they have chosen not to, and its a bit more expensive than basic glasses, lasix is not deemed "necessary" when cheaper easier options exist.

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