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Is electricity still more powerful than solar?

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    Solar is unreliable and occupies land or roof area.  In many places cloud cover, forest cover, pollutant layer, tall buildings or mountains, etc act as barriers from exposing the land to solar radiation. Radiation heat flux are low compared to those from other modes of heat transfer. Hot deserts like Mohave in California or areas on the tropics have high daily values of solar insolation & they even used concentrated solar units there which use latent heat storage fluids to provide energy at night. Instead of occupying the land or roof area with Solar panels, solar units should be floated over water bodies like lakes, rivers, ponds, pools, sea , etc. This will reduce the evaporative loss of water from these bodies and help to deal with water scarcity

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    It depends. Sometimes, you can boil water faster with a solar reflector than you can with electricity. (Bright day, battery-powered stove)

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