Dil asked in TravelNepal · 2 months ago

Would you like to visit Nepal for trekking in the Everest base camp and Annapurna base camp- Check the Alpine Ramble? ?

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  • Lisa
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    2 months ago

    Another warning to all:

    This is not a real question. I've been to Nepal eight or nine times now, and you can find an honest and decent trekking company there easily enough.  You don't need to fall for dishonest companies like this one.  

    What is going on here is that this is an advertisement by a trekking company that is trying to drum up business. They are using this website in a manner that is strictly forbidden by Yahoo Answers.  Do not be fooled. Instead, ask yourself this: what kind of company does this? It is a company that cuts corners, obviously. Do you feel comfortable going trekking with a company that cuts corners? Trekking in Nepal is usually quite safe, but when the company that takes you doesn't think it is important to follow the rules, there is no telling what kind of trouble you may get into. Go with a reputable company. . . not people who have no respect like this one. You will have a much better time and you will live to go home and tell everyone about it.  Most people in Nepal are honest and decent.  You don't have to go with bozos like this company.

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