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Yeah, good one, Malaysia. Why don't you just copy the United States' flag and put a banana on it instead of stars?

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    Yeah, not much imagination, those Malaysians, that's for sure. But I think it is a moon and star that they copied from Egypt's flag, not a banana.

  • hihi!
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    3 months ago

    Israel could tack on to its flag some bananas, too.

    You nationalist fascists don't like education, so look at what a person from Central Washington University says about it.

    Both the Malaysian flag and U.S. flag have connections (direct or speculated) to the East India Company flag, which (in turn) was possibly influenced by the flag of an empire of which Malaysia was a part; and the Malaysian flag may have been influenced by the U.S. flag.

    The East India Company flag (1600) was the original.[1] The use of stripes may have been inspired by the flag of the Majapahit Empire (1200s). The Majapahit Empire included the lands that are now Malaysia and Indonesia,[2] and its flag is the inspiration for the modern Indonesian flag.[3]

  • 3 months ago

    because nazi states of america somehow have monopoly on striped designs?

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