Tips for Grade 11 Student?

I'm studying to become a neurologist, and I'm just wondering what courses to take and what to do in high school to make my college application to stand out in the future? 


I'm also considering taking AP classes. Should I only do AP courses for level 30 courses, or start taking for level 20 courses (which I am doing this year)? 

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  • MS
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    A neurologist is a medical doctor, so nothing you study in high school is really going to help you get accepted to medical school or particularly relate to that career.

    For college admissions, you want to take the hardest schedule that you can.  If you are interested in medicine, then you should study math and science classes - take AP and dual credit options when available.  A strong schedule looks good for college admissions, although only if you also do well in those classes.  Taking math and science will also prepare you for those necessary classes in college.  At many colleges/universities, admissions is based primarily on grades and test scores.  So that's where your focus should be.

    Depending on where you apply, extracurriculars can be important too.  Getting invovled in your school and community looks good; it looks better to be highly involved in a few things rather than minimally involved in lots of things. Community service/volunteer work, academic organizations and honor societies, and school clubs/groups are all good things to do.

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