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I want to move to America from the UK to study, I need some advice.?

So after corona situation is over I was planning on moving to America to study, my cousin lives in Philadelphia, I was planning on living with her whilst I study there. I finished secondary school and got my GCSE’s after that I took the college path since I was more good with makeup and art, A levels don’t have the makeup options so I decided to go to college. I only did one year of makeup artistry, I got my certificate and everything but after that I had to stop learning for a year till now(I’m 18 now) due to family issues.since everything is sorted out now and my cousin and I started texting and catched up with eachother she said she wants me to move to America and live with her, my family isn’t the best with me anyways so I thought to my self this might be a good chance for me to go have a fresh start and America seem to have plenty of options with jobs,schools etc. Anyways my mum said she wants to see me go to university and then I realised I took the college path so is there a possible chance for me to do some sort of university level in college in America? Would they accept me in there? I don’t know how the system over there works but I already started college, my mum said she wants me to do business studies and graduate so I can come and take over her businesses. I don’t know if it’s too late to change paths but I really do need some advice and knowledge since people in my family don’t really know about these things well. Thank you in advance :)

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    You cannot just move to the US and get a job there, for any kind of work permit you would an undergraduate degree and an employer willing and qualified to sponsor you.  5 academic GCSEs is the UK equivalent of a US high school graduation certificate.  So if you have both Englishes, Maths, French, Science, History etc,  you can certainly apply although a university that takes someone with only a high school graduation certificate is going to be a pretty rubbish place. 

    Besides, attending a US university would cost you the price of a house, you would be better off studying A-levels at an adult education institute and then attending a UK university.  Alternatively, look into the Open University.  You can study and work at the same time which will allow you to move out and be independent.

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    You need to look at US government websites. No answer you get on a site like this is guaranteed to be accurate.

    Be very, very careful about stuff such as visas and the length of time you are allowed to stay in the USA.

    You need to brush up on your written work, making paragraphs, punctuation, tenses, and general layout. Your spiel is rather 'breathless' in style, and is so densely packed that it does not encourage anyone to read through it carefully.

    Good luck in life, wherever it takes you.

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    OK - so you have no option to study there currently. You'd need A-levels or equivalent academic qualifications to get into a university. You also can't get a visa to study non-academic courses (such as make-up/beauty).

    Once the entry requirements are met - you need to prove you can afford it to get a student visa. Studying in the US is HUGELY expensive, especially for an international student. 

    If you did get a visa - it's valid only while you're studying. Once your studies end - you return to the UK. No option to stay and work. 

    Essentially - don't bother. It'll cost you so much, with no access to student loans, and there'll be no general benefit. 

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    To apply for admission to university, you must hold the equivalent of a US high school diploma - 12-13 years of primary & secondary academic education, NOT vocational training. The UK equivalent is A levels. No A-levels = no applying to US universities. GCSEs is only the US equivalent of 10th grade, and vocational training in cosmetology is not held in high regard in US, and definitely NOT any academic education.

    You need to investigate opportunities for further education & training in the UK. You're not going to university there, either, unless you first earn A-levels or UK offers another path into academic education. But you might be able to get into some sort of business school for business-related courses such as accounting, marketing, etc. You do NOT need a bachelor's degree in business administration to take over a small family business. You do need some background in accounting, marketing, etc, & perhaps some technical training depending on the type of business it is.

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    i would ask immigration how to do it

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    It is possible, but there are a series of hurdles that you'll need to get over to get the student visa. First of all, you'll need to find a school to apply to. All universities and community colleges (maybe a better idea for you to start) have international student offices that can help you navigate the application process and all other things needed. I can tell you that you'll need to be able to prove financial independence; this is done by showing some record of at least a certain amount of money in a bank account. The UK requires this of international students, too. You'll also need to purchase health insurance. So what I suggest is you think about where you're going and where you might want to study, and importantly what you want to study there. That's all part of the application - you need to know what you want to study. So go online and do some research on schools and programs and then look into their international student requirements. You'll find it all if you start looking. Good luck! 

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