(Read details) Why can they do this?

I am currently a college student. My school just officially switched to an all online. They are allowing us to cancel housing and meal plans however, if we choose to cancel we loose our housing for the Spring Semester even though we still booked for the entire year. I was just wondering what powers exactly allow them to do this. Also for people who may think I am doing this out of anger I am not I am actually curious, so please no comments directed towards me.

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  • MS
    Lv 7
    3 months ago

    Room and board agreements are generally written for the year unless a student only plans to be on campus for one semester, so if you cancel then you are canceling for the year.  However, you should be able to enter into a new agreement for the spring if you choose to return to campus.  I can't imagine that canceling right now would prevent you from coming back; you'd just need a new housing contract to do so.

  • 3 months ago

    They can do that because it's their business--yes, a school is a business unless it's fully publicly funded--and they can decide how they want to conduct it.

  • John
    Lv 6
    3 months ago

    Looking at it from a business law style approach, if your room and board contract covered both semesters, a mutual agreement to cancel that contract would indeed void both semesters. If a new contract was then written, it would be possible to structure the new contract to cover Spring only.    

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    If you cancel, then you are not "booked" for the entire year. You have the option of remaining on campus and attending classes from your room while still having some limited social interaction outside and with masks. It sounds as if they are not closing the residences but are willing to give you the refunds if you want to go fully remote. It's likely that Spring will be based on first come, first served if we are not still in this situation. I personally am not taking any vaccine created by Russia with a mere 2 month's of testing. Your best bet might be to look for off-campus housing if you do come back or get wait-listed for Spring housing. At the university at which I work, a lot of students opted not to come back to housing even though we still have availability. It turns out that a lot of students really go away to school for the social aspect and found out when they arrived that having to sit in your room all day and actually be there just to study, was not all that enticing. Additionally, students are getting written up right and left for the most minor mishaps. If you think you can't follow the rules to a T, don't risk having disciplinary probation or worse on your school record for violating a mask or social distancing rule one too many times. Take the refund and look for alternate housing solutions should you be wait-listed for a bed in Spring or just defer that semester and take online classes from home. Save the money. Especially if you or your parents are taking out loans. But it is absolutely "allowed" by the residence life agreement. You are not being forced to leave, you are being told that you can leave and get a refund.

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