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is community service sipposed to be voluntary or given as punishment ?

why are some schools allowed to make it a prerequisite for graduation? school is for academics not voluntary service hours

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    This is something that is determined by the states. Not all states have a requirement for community service hours, but many do. And no, it's not voluntary. The purpose of it is to give kids a chance to do something useful that will benefit those around them instead of sitting on their rear ends in a classroom all day for months and years on end. There are many lessons, such as the importance of proper work habits, that can't be learned in a classroom setting. Community service also teaches responsibility, teamwork, communication, and social skills.

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    Community service can be given for either reason, whether it's punishment or voluntary service hours. Some schools are allowed to make community service a prerequisite for graduation because they want their students to help out in their community, as it helps them be great citizens and improves the environment and some colleges require community service, so it's best to have that ready for college bound students.

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    It's not "supposed" to be anything other than what it is. It's service to the community and can be a part of any school system that considers it valuable. School IS for academics, but it's also there to prepare students to enter society and be a part of it.

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    I think it makes sense to have high schools require some sort of community service or volunteer work before graduation. For you to say that schools are strictly for academic learning is bull... if that were true than there wouldn't be so many people up in arms about having to educate even very young children online and from home. And, what is the argument of those people? THEY WON'T BE SOCIALIZED!!! If we are going to require schools and educators to be responsible for socializing children and preparing them to thrive as adults, then there's going to need to be a community service aspect to that education. 

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    It is both. I used to volunteer for an annual creek cleanup and we also had a team of "forced volunteers" doing their community service. Later, we also had students fulfilling their community service requirements. If you don't want to help your community, don't; just drop out when you are 18.

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    That’s really only at college prepatory high schools knowing that many universities require some minimum level of community service for acceptance. So the high school requires it to prevent graduates not being able to be accepted into some universities. 

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