can my public school refuse to take me?

im 17 and going into my senior year. around this time last year i was enrolled in a therapeutic boarding school due to some mental health issues that was fully paid for by my school district. after a year of attending i can confidently say that this environment is not what i need at all. i feel worse there then i ever have in my life and i want to come home to finish out my senior year more then anything. however, the issue here is that my mom has told me that my school refuses to except me back for the distant future. i love my mom but she is without a doubt an extremely manipulative person and has no problem lying to me about things big or small. i also wasnt sold on this claim because i came there for treatment of some mild bipolar disorder (type one) and have never really been too problematic at public school. ive gotten leagues better as well, im medicated and my bipolar is hardly a problem. can my school really refuse to take me back?

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  • Anonymous
    1 week ago

    The bottom line is yes -- unless you can produce documentation that says otherwise..

  • drip
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    2 months ago

    Call your principal or guidance counselor and ask them.

  • 2 months ago

    Call the school and ask for an appointment with the admissions department. They'll tell you (in your meeting) what your options are.

  • .
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    2 months ago

    Yes, schools and mothers are capable of anything. 

    In life, there is interaction.

    Things happen because there is a give and take.

    Teachers and mothers are both trying to teach you something.

    If you are too dependent and reliant on one thing, they try to move you along.

    Just remember, what looks like a bad thing may be a blessing in disguise.

    Who knows what that bad thing could be good for?

    Your happiness and control over the situation starts in your own mind.

    Call it a sense of humor.

    A sense of humor can be a weapon or a defense.

    It is to give you a "light touch" and to bring things closer to truth and honesty, as they should be.

    Make these mental assertions to yourself:

    #1. "Others are out to do me good."

    This is called "reverse paranoia" because it brings your paranoia into balance, it's often the opposite of what people expect, and it's funny.

    At the same time, accept yourself as you are - you are and you are good.

    Find humor and good in the world and in your experiences which are bringing you toward the future and the way you want to be.

    You do have things to look forward to.

    #2. "Speak to the good in people and people will listen."

    This is to shame people into treating you better.

    It addresses their own values and thoughts that they are good and beautiful.

    You need to remind them of their own motivation to be beautiful to you.

    Others often forget their direction and may lash out at you in their insecurity or to pretend that they have some direction.

    They don't profit from hurting you.

    #3. "We are living in the best of all worlds."

    Keep a sense of humor about yourself and use the Will-power that the world is good to you and going in the right direction.

    Learn and absorb everything that's funny about this world.

    We are nice people, we can all be nice people.

    Our lives matter - to ourselves and they should to others, too.

    That you can expect and demand.

    #4. "Get enough fun every day."

    Life should be fun and you need to get the right stimulations and play to counteract the stress or depressing things in your life.

    Get enjoyment from comedy, humor, and jokes.

    If you can tell a joke or even think a joke, then you can distance yourself mentally (and physically) from a lot of harm.

    Learn to turn situations into funny things.

    Do sports or other things that make you feel good.

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  • 2 months ago

    In some states 17 is legally an adult. I would talk to someone in the office about getting enrolled in school again and then talk to your mom about what they said

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