How much time are the Ghosn escape helpers likely to do?


The Japanese justice system sometimes seems quite lenient with first offenders, but these guys knew exactly what they were doing.

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  • Quinn
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    1 month ago
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    If by Ghosn's helpers, you mean Michael Taylor and his son, things are not as it seems.  One of the strangest thing about Japanese law is that it is not illegal to skip out on bail. And while it is illegal to escape from prison, it is not a crime to escape from house arrest. Under Japanese law, an arrest is not an indictment. An arrest under Japanese law is use to bring someone in for questioning, so it is an investigative tool when an arrest warrant is issue, but it is separate from the issuance of a charge or indictment unlike in the US and other countries where an arrest warrant means there is an indictment or charge of a crime.  Given this, it is not clear just what crime the Japanese wants the Taylors for because currently no indictment has been issued by the Japanese government although they are petitioning for extradition.

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