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What is a transit visa and do I need one?

I'm planning on returning to the US after a brief stay in Delhi.  On Travelocity, I'm planning on booking a flight with a layover in Japan.  My question is, do I need a Transit visa to stay for my layover (6 hours) in Japan, or do I not need one.


Moreorver, Travelocity makes no mention of a transit visa

Update 2:

I forgot to add, I'm an Indian passport holder with a US green card

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    If you do not leave the airport, you do not need a transit visa. A "transit" visa is for "trans-porting" or transiting oneself thru a country. Not a visa for visiting, just for "going thru". If you do not, and you should not, leave the "secure area" of the airport, no visa is needed.

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    Nationals of countries with Visa Exemption Agreements with Japan are not required to have a Transit Visa. The US deos have an agreement with Japan, so you don't need one.

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    I have seen different answers, so the safest thing would be to contact the Japanese embassy and get the correct answer from them.

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