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I am studying civil engineering but I dont like it ?

I chose this carrer because of the peer pressure ( friends ,family) .I started my carrer 1 year ago and it has been a nightmare :( , but I decided to go on because of what are they going to say if...but it is really really hard because , plans and maths are not my cup of tea hehehe.... I am good at languages and art, but I am here, what do you think?

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    Are you just going through a difficult period which is causing you to question yourself? That would be a normal reaction during a tough time. Having said that, I've heard stories of people who worked in the career of OTHER peoples' choosing for decades, before standing up and taking on the career they always wanted - and were very happy. Don't waste your precious time doing something you don't enjoy. Work can be difficult at the best of times - the last thing you want is to struggle with these difficulties while not enjoying the job anyway!!

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    Be careful. A bachelors degree in psychology isn't worth a whole lot. Masters as case manager is about 60 a year.

  • 2 months ago

    F--- 'em. Begin the career that makes you happy. Otherwise your just working for the money. While money's a handy and heady thing, it still pretty much means you're waiting to retire. Doing things their way means the most you'll get out of life is miserable boredom. 

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