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What is the ENG equivalent in Sharp calculators?

sorry if the question is worded wrong, but what is the ENG button in a sharp calculator?

for example in wavelengths:

(3x10^8)/0.066= 4545454545..

my classmates would just press the ENG button and it will show 4.545x10^9.

how can I do that on a sharp calculator?

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    This is showing you the number in scientific notation - sometimes called engineering notation.

  • D g
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    1 month ago

    Engineering format is numbers with the exponent rounded to a multiple of three

  • 1 month ago

    I believe it may be Engineering Units.

    In engineering, numbers are expressed as

    exponents of 3's

    1x10^3 or 1x10^6 or 45x10^9, 15x10^-12

    HP has this mode also.

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  • 1 month ago

    3e8/0.066 = 5e10/11

    Turning repeating decimals into ratios is a neat trick and isn't that hard to do.  BTW, you'll never regret owning an HP calculator (RPN)

  • Dixon
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    1 month ago

    If it isn't obvious then it probably only does scientific notation. The powers 3 Eng function isn't particularly common although I use it all the time and I can only think intuitively in terms of SI prefixes.

  • qrk
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    1 month ago

    Look in the manual (download from the manufacturer's web site if you don't have it) for "scientific" or "float". It will tell you how to set up your calculator. It may not have a single key to display engineering notation, however, you should be able to switch between various display modes with a few key strokes.

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    This is showing you the number in scientific notation - sometimes called engineering notation.

    When you start dealing with very large numbers, it gets hard to keep track of how many digits you have. So numbers will be written as a small number times 10 to a power. This is kind of like a numerical way of writing numbers in the way you'd say them out loud.

    For example take the number 3,400,000,000

    Its hard to keep track of all those zeros and remember place values

    But its easy to say "three point four billion"

    So instead of writing it out with all the digits you can just write: 3.4 x 10^9

    10^9 is one billion.

    So 3.4 x (one billion)  = 3.4 billion

    The ENG button switches between this format and regular numerical format of just writing out the whole number will all the digits

    Also note that many calculators use a capital letter "E" in place of the 10^

    So it would say "3.4E9" which means 3.4 x 10^9 which is 3.4 billion

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