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Is Moon conjunct Saturn similar to Moon opposite Saturn? ?

What are the difference?

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    There are not similar.

    Moon is how we try to work with our emotions and also represents our automatic emotional responses (95% of our emotional responses ARE automatic, based on previously-formed subconscious neural pathways in our brain).

    Saturn is our need to work with reality. Well-aspected Saturn accepts reality and its limitations, and finds ways to work constructively and use situations to achieve whatever their goals are. Badly-aspected Saturn focuses on the limitations, feeling inadequate and/or afraid to work with reality, and can develop a failure complex or an inferiority complex or even clinical depression.

    When two planets are conjunct each other, the inner needs and functions of those two planets merge into one. They work as a team and do not function independently.

    When a conjunction involves one of the “malefic planets” (and Saturn is a “malefic”), there is possible positive expression and positive negative expression. But just two “benefic planets”, it is always just a positive expression.

    At any rate, Moon conjunct Saturn tends to be realistic about how they work with their emotions. They are likely to mature, emotionally, at a rather young age. And are not likely to be a slave to irrational emotional responses.

    Depending on:

    - Their subconscious pathways, as developed earlier in life, especially in response to parenting and peer-group interactions

    - Their DNA, which has a HUGE impact in how our brain work

    - How other planets aspect this Moon-Saturn conjunction

    The opposition aspect is a very different dynamic. It means that two planets conflict with each other, and this conflict always produces an inconsistency which produces trouble getting along with others. This conflict takes 3 different forms and may switch back and forth between these forms:

    (1) If one planet is more conscious than the other planet (and Saturn is always more “conscious” than Moon is), that planet’s needs tend to dominate, and the other planet’s needs do not get addressed or met. This creates an inner dissatisfaction that produces tension in their relationships as well.

    (2) Often, the planet/need that is NOT getting met builds up over time, and the bursts out in a change in behavior. This can upset any goals/plans the person is making, as well as upsetting the people they are in relationships with. Saturn focuses on external situations and outer fulfillments, while Moon’s concern is more about inner emotional fulfillment. Another way this opposition can express itself is between the personal and the professional life. These extreme switches may cause havoc in the person’s life. This see-saw may be from hour to hour, from month to month, or even from one decade to another decade.

    (3) Sometimes, if both planets are equally strong in the chart, the person gets pulled with equal strength in both opposite direction. In which case, they are stymied and stuck in the middle, stagnating and not able to work on EITHER need.

    The SOLUTION to resolving any opposition in the chart is to find ways to simultaneously satisfy BOTH sets of needs. The Signs these planets are in will indicate which styles of behavior/action need to be compromised, and the Houses these planets are in will indicate which areas of life need to be work together.

    For instance, an opposition between the 3rd and 9th house means that the person can learn to live/apply their 9th-house values to their daily activities (3rd house). Or they can take what they learned from their immediate 3rd-house environment and teach it on a broader scale to others through publishing, teaching, lecturing (9th house). Or they can use travel and its exposure to other cultures (9th house) and use that understanding to work better in their own immediate life (3rd house).

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