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I have a 2 month old (the pet shop workers say so) untamed new cockatiel. She likes playing with keys but I'm wondering if it's safe also is she healthy and is she two months old? 

And a bonus:she paces moves around jumps and shouts all day long is this normal?

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    Keys are not a good choice of toy.

    The metal could be toxic and could damage the beak.

    At that age the bird is possibly not fully weaned. Are you handfeeding or were you given advice on a fledgelings diet?? I would be more concerned with getting food right than with toys in such a young bird.

    It is still young enough that everything is new and so becomes a toy.

    Is it perching properly yet? Or do you have a part of the floor that is not wire (a partially rolled handtowel is good) for it to rest on.

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    She eats seeds I tried giving her vegetables but she absolutely refuses to eat them and she is the most confusing sometimes she sits on her perch and sometimes on the floor. and today she developed a new behaviour.She sits in her cage like this all day she does eat and does all normal stuff when she's not doing that which lasts a minute or two.She makes a noise a Cirp a call I dint know and when I reply she seems to get exited and happy but I'm no expert I've only ever had buggies.

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    Your bird should not play with keys, ingesting tiny bits of metal can be toxic to them and chewing metal isn't good for their beaks. You can get a bird-safe wooden or plastic set of you keys at most pet stores.

    We cannot tell from a photo whether your bird is healthy. New pets should be examined by a veterinarian within a few days of purchase. They can treat any issues found, and advise you on proper care and feeding. Be sure you are choosing a veterinarian who is knowledgeable about birds and not one who routinely sees only cats and dogs. Cockatiels, like most birds, are highly social and really should be kept in groups, not alone.

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