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Moon (pisces) in 9th house squares Pluto(scorpio)5th house. Does that mean an obsessive lover?

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    Moon is about our automatic emotions reactions ... about anything.

    Questions about romance or being a lover are PARTLY influence by Moon in the birthchart, but you would first look at their Venus, their 5th House.  Those two chart factors have far more influence over romantic-social behaviors.

    Pluto is about how we use our will power ... either manipulating/controlling others OR finding the courage to go within and master ourselves.

    Moon square Pluto means there is an inner conflict between how they handle their emotions and how they handle their urge to use power.

    Basically, it means sometimes who has trouble letting go of painful past experiences. And so they become apprehensive and expect the worst from life, and when something goes poorly, their emotional reaction (which pulls in past unresolved pain) goes over the top ... they are excessive and extreme in how they react emotionally.

    And it is not necessarily going to be about their love relationships, since Venus and the 5th House are far more influential on social/romantic reactions.

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    well i have pluto in scorpio in 17 degree( im in the second house). but my mother is also a scorpio.  not obsessive. hopeless. How many guys i ******? how many girls you ******?

    Pluto In Second House: Personality Traits

    It all comes down to finances and material possessions with Pluto in the second house. Your intuition toward acquiring wealth is impeccable. You place tremendous value on your home and the things in it, and you fear losing them in some way. You can’t stand feeling helpless or hopeless.

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