I have no idea why I slapped the wall while I was sleeping? ?

I been having really strange dreams recently and this one in particular wasn't strange because it has happened before but I am curious to ask anyone that knows. My bed is next to a wall and I was dreaming randomly looking at a wall and then slapping it with my hand, yes it sounds stupid but it's true. I then woke up scared to a loud noise which was me slapping my wall. Is this normal?

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    4 months ago
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    Okay for one, I’m no dream specialist or anything of that sort.

    It perhaps is tied to your brain (neurological) that connects dreams to real life which you can actually feel, move around, etc. It’s not stupid. I’m sure it is common. It could be linked to sleep walking and sleep talking but your case could be sleep slapping?

    This only happened to me once or twice. I also sleep next to a wall, but I don’t remember slapping it when I was dreaming / dream state. But I do remember when I was younger in elementary or primary school clapping my hands when I was dreaming about something funny. I was in my bed sleeping and having a CRAZY and visual / hectic dream. It was funny. There was a white ghost at the end being silly and me laughing + clapping my hands. I woke up to the sound of clapping my hands.

    Another one... this was middle or secondary school. I was sleeping on my back facing my ceiling. In my dream, I saw a black spider and felt it on my face. I slapped (oh) it off full force off my face. I then faced the wall. I woke up facing the wall and being CREEPED OUT. A SPIDER ON MY CEILING EW.

    My parents have told me I slept talked before and laughed when I was sleeping. I used to snore a lot (not sure if that had to do with anything). Now, I don’t do that and wake up peacefully. + I don’t snore as much. I never slept walked before, ever.

    I’m almost 18 so young adult/late teen. I hope this helped understand you’re NOT alone (also this other user(s)).

    Source(s): Experience Took Psychology class online college Perhaps did research on this before
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    It's not unnatural.  I did that as a kid. Maybe you could move your bed a few inches away from the wall, so that when you are dreaming and want to haul off and hit the wall, maybe it won't hurt as much! 

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    4 months ago

    For some, I have kicked, hit, slapped my wife, walls, even my own damn head. 

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