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I THINK IT COULD BE CANCER. Actually need advice. Thanks ?

Key word: I think. 

I’m not here to get bashed or be called an idiot. I’m posting this again cause I’m a bit nervous and no one commented on my last post so. 

Consistent headaches over the last year (pressure in between my eyes brows and random sharp pains on the back of my head. Sometimes my eyes feel weird and they water). 

I smell something that’s not there. Just a few times every few months over the past year. It’s like strawberries. I blew my nose yesterday and it went away. My left arm sometimes hurts 

I had a CT scan of my neck in January due to enlarged lymph nodes. 

Biggest concern is undetected brain cancer Or sinus cancer. Any advice would be appreciated. I’m 19 and I have a lot to live for. So thank you. 

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    Advice? If comcerned, see a doctor.

    I am currently undergoing cancer treatment for the second time.

    1st time the tumour went from size of a pea to size of a golf ball in less than 4 months.

    This time it went from size of the first joint of my thumb to the size of my fist in 6 weeks.

    If you have had a cancerous tumour for over 12 months it is unlikely that it has not grown in that time.

    Sounds like you may have a chronic sinus infection.

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    still not cancer

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    I agree with Tarkarri, it's probably a sinus infection.  Go to your doctor and talk to him about your symptoms.  Good Luck.

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    The probability that you have cancer is very small.  Consider all the young people you know, how many are healthy and how many have cancer?  The reality is that worry will accomplish nothing.  If you have cancer worry will not help.  If you don't have cancer there is no need to worry.  If you do have cancer, it will eventually manifest itself.  To alleviate you worries, you should see a doctor.  The doctors assurance that you do not have cancer may give you peace.  What you really need is more information.  The doctor can provide that information.

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    Wow.  Right away you sound like a hypochondriac.  A chronic headache and false smells can come from a variety of things, none of which is cancer.  I have false burnt wood smells.  They come from bacteria that live in my tonsils; I also get tonsil stones from them.  I've found that antiseptic mouthwash handles both the smells and the stone quite nicely.

    I'm not an MD.  But I've been around the world for 84 years; so I have some experience.

    I'm only guessing, but I'm guessing you have a chronic sinus infection.  It could give you those headaches and the false smells.  What you are smelling depends on what's infecting the sinus.  You should see an ENT specialist to diagnose exactly what you have.

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    If you think you have cancer, the only sensible thing to do is to see a doctor.

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