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Are there other Yersinia Pestis carriers?

Experiencing quarantine, social distancing, and other preventive measures due to COVID19 for more than 6 Months, I've been curious on how the Pestillence in the late 14th Century was handled.

I've done my research and was very pleased on being able to understand the struggles and solutions presented at the time. 

Nevertheless, it got me thinking, are there other Y. Pestis carriers? I can't seem to find any other documented carriers. Xenopsylla Cheoplis is the only one consistently popping up.

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    The fleas that host the bacterium are carried by numerous mammals in the US, but mostly small rodents.  One biologist died from plague around a decade ago in Grand Canyon National Park after handling a mountain lion that was infested with fleas.  Rats are singled out because they live in close contact with humans, while most other wild mammals that carry fleas avoid humans.

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