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Health insurance company?

Hey to the person reading this: I have a dream to start a health company for Americans who are poor or who can't simply afford insurance.( I know I need money to make money )  I also want to one day start a housing program for the poor for animals too and have a charity that does research for the climate I want to help people because I understand how it feels to be in a low place not everyone has the luxury to live where they don't have to worry or have the money to buy food nor pay bills.  We have a government that is greedy how can we help on another and our society ?

Take this in consider I know that some exist but these companies are bull and greedyI'm young and don't fully understand where to start so I made this Yahoo page to ask someone more experienced with answers to lead me to things to study and to take on consider to start this goal so if you are reading please be kind and helping no negativity please thank you very much ! 

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  • fcas80
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    That's a noble goal.  Where to start?  Take some college courses in insurance.  Search for schools that offer an insurance major.  Good luck.

  • J
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    I think it’s nice to find someone on this site that actually cares about their fellow humans. I see a lot of greed and selfishness on here (and everywhere else). Most of the things you mentioned already have existing charities or government programs to address those issues. Obviously those programs have some flaws and limits to who qualifies. You can’t do everything, so you’ll probably have to just pick one thing to focus on. I suggest you work for one of those existing programs, or start a charity that works closely with them. 

    There are already food banks, food pantries, soup kitchens, and many other charities that help feed the hungry. There are also government programs like food stamps, WIC, and free/reduced school lunch. 

    There are government programs like section 8 that help people afford housing. These programs are very flawed. Unfortunately, there’s a long waiting list, and a lot of people abuse the system. It really bothers me that someone can keep popping out kids and qualify and never be required to get a job, but hard working people who make $7.25 an hour can’t get any help. Section 8 housing is subject to inspection, so recipients get free housing that is very nice and up to high standards. Low income workers usually don’t qualify, and end up living in tiny, roach infested, run down slums. I have a problem giving good quality housing to people who refuse to work, while people who work hard can’t afford safe, clean housing. When I was 18/19, I lived in a dump of a studio apartment that had no working heat, no ventilation, and an infestation of black mold. I spent the entire winter with headaches and respiratory symptoms. The working poor are the most neglected group of people who often live in awful conditions, eat ramen noodles daily, have no health insurance, and don’t qualify for any government assistance. If you wanna help someone, this is a group that really needs it. 

    You can forget about starting a health insurance company. You would need government money or donations to be able to afford to pay medical costs for anyone. If a person spends a month in the ICU, it could cost millions. Even basic meds can cost thousands a month. There’s no way a poor person could afford to pay enough for you to break even. This is why politicians are trying to reform the system. I suggest doing something to help make those changes happen.

    You can also get a job in the clean energy industry, or work for an agency that promotes good environmental practices. There are a lot of things you can do to help others. But you can’t do it all. I suggest you pick an issue that’s important to you and get a job working for a company or charity in that field. Right now there’s a lot of people who need help, so it’s great that you’re willing to participate. Good luck!

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    You can't do any of this without heavy research into the field,  learning how those places work,  what your state requires in licensing and permits and fees, legal help setting them up, and one heck of a lot of money. 

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