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Are humans apes or primates ? yes. no. is charles darwin right or wrong ?

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    - Humans are hominids (aka apes)

    - Apes are simiiformes (aka simians)

    - Simians are primates

    So yes

    Darwin was mostly right 

    However, Darwin didn't classified humans as primate. 

    Linaeus (a creationist!) already did it a good century before Darwin.

    Linaeus work was based on anatomical similarities. 

    Modern molecular analysis mostly confirms Linaeus' classification ("phylogenetic mirrors classical taxonomy")

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    Humans evolved from an ape. However, we are so different from an ape that we should not be called an ape. Similarly, snakes evolved from a lizard, but we do not call snakes lizards. Some people insist on classifying organisms in the same taxon as their ancestors. For example, these people may classify birds as "reptiles" because birds evolved from a reptile. But since reptiles evolved from an amphibian, why not classifying reptiles as amphibians then. In fact, why stop there, since amphibians evolved from a fish, we should classify birds as fish. Taking it to the logical extreme, since all living things on earth evolved from bacteria, why not classify birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, apes, and humans as bacteria. 

    Most people around the world do classify birds and reptiles in different taxa. Birds are classified in Class Aves, and reptiles in Class Reptilia. These people are the sane ones. The people who classify birds as reptiles are cladists, and most cladists are considered insane by the non-cladists in the scientific community. Not surprsingly, most cladists also classify humans in the same taxon as apes, the family Hominidae. Most anthropologists however, classify apes in a different family as humans, in the family Pongidae. Hominidae is reserved for humans and upright walking, bipedal ape-men called australopithecines. Both Pongidae and Hominidae are part of the mammalian order Primates. So, humans are primates, but they are not apes. Monkeys, lorises and lemurs are also primates.  

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    Charles Darwin was  essentially  RIGHT. The  resemblance are  truely  obvious.

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