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What is the one big warning sign that I'm wasting my time on a guy?


1234Ee22Wjsskq I'd love to know what medication you take

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    I'm just gonna tell you a few important ones from experience...

    1) If they never take the time to spend time with you, talk to you etc they arent the ones. Yes people do have things to do and they have lives outside of the relationship like family and friends etc but if they are never trying to talk to you spend time with you etc its not worth it, if you feel single when youre in a relationship let it go.

    2) If they are too controlling its a waste because eventually it will get worse and worse and could become abusive..

    3) If they start out good, then weeks or months later start to change, because some guys will act one way to get you, then when they get you they change back to who they really are...

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    no waste. im for any guy to take but has to be indian. i can fallin love fast. so i dont care all that.

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