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When my neighbors trash their yard and I keep mine clean, what can I do? ?

My two neighbors on both sides of my house lets their yard go.

One neighbor on one side of my house keeps a heap of trash in his back yard which in turn is attracting rats.

The neighbor on the other side of my house just has trash laying around scattered on his yard.

It blows onto my yard and I pick it up with gloves and throw it away.

What can I do? 

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  • Robert
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    1 month ago
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    I'd call the health department about the trash and rats.  Aside from making sure that any local ordinances are enforced there isn't much you can do.  Maybe you can retaliate on days the wind blows toward their property, but I find pissing contests end up with no winners and everyone gets wet.

  • 1 month ago

    Move to a better neighborhood.

  • Goerge
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    1 month ago

    Whine like a baby to your HOA and if that isn't available you can call your city and lodge a complaint with code enforcement. 

    I would just love to be a part of a HOA. Be forced to take down my American flag and the cross on my door was too visible and my grass was 1/4" too long and and and..... Those peasants are destroying my house's fair market value. If you feel the need to run other people and stroke your ego in public you are more than welcome. That stick is firmly implanted up there isn't it?  

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