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Did my neighbor break the law?

I let my cat outside, so a few days ago, on Wednesday my cat was sleeping in the sun outside on the front steps. My neighbor was walking around her yard, she saw my cat and she walked onto my yard and took a picture of my cat. I was watching all this from a window, and she was gone before I could confront her. She posted the picture of my cat on her social media the next day with the caption "I saw this cat sleeping outside and had to take a picture." She didn't ask me permission and she knows perfectly well that that's my cat. What should I do?

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    You might have a trespassing complaint, but a photo of your cat isn't illegal, even if then posted on Facebook.  You might point out to the neighbor (politely) that posting such an photo might entice someone to try to steal your cat and you would prefer she take it down and not do that again, but you understand why she appreciated such a cute cat, blah, blah.  Keep it light to avoid creating an enemy.

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    What do you care?  You let your cat free roam because you don't care if it gets run over by a car or eaten by a coyote.  If you don't want people taking pics of it keep it indoors where it belongs.

    Odd you're complaining about this WHEN YOU ARE FRIENDS WITH HER ON FACEBOOK.  Tell her to remove the pic and that you're an a$$ and unfriend her.

  • Ocimom
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    Not really - she only took a picture that she thought was cute.  I've taken pictures of animals that are not mine.  She should have said "my neighbor's cat sleeping on the porch".  But she didn't - don't make a grand production over it.

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    Anything outside is fair game to be photographed.

    YOU broke the law by letting yoir domestic pest roam

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  • Anonymous
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    No, your neighbor did not break the law.  Nothing you described as far as their actions is illegal.

    You, however, may have broken the law by letting your cat outside, depending upon laws in your area.  At the very least you are an irresponsible and bad cat owner.

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    i think she did cause youre not supposed to take someone's picture without permission

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    Your cat was outside, your cat has no expectation of privacy outside.

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