Netflix series - Asian ?

I'm looking for this netflix series i watched a little while that for the life of me i can't find - it was a series about and Asian girl and every episode was different not connected.the first episode she gets assaulted and accidentally killed by this group of kids and she still turns up at school the next day. Theres one episode where this girl plagiarizes art and doesn't get caught out for it. An episode where her whole school is obsessed over the relationship of these two classmates and at the end the girl tries to kill herself? any help would be appreciated because this is driving me insane! oh and at the end of every episode she starts creepily hysterically laughing 

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    It's the 2018 Thailand drama: Girl from Nowhere: The Series.

    13 episodes.

    The expression on those killer kids faces' when they kill and bury her - then she pops up at school the next day...alive and well.

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