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 Since scotus seats can be filled by simple majority, Biden can also PACK the court by simple majority ?


@little princess: I don't think you know what "packing the court" means.

it means adding ADDITIONAL justices to the court beyond the 9 we have now.

Update 2:

which is constitutional and has been done before.

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    How, from whatever home he's in? 

  • Anonymous
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    At the moment he'd still end up with a conservative court since 5 of the 9 would still be conservatives.  But since he's not POTUS nor ever likely to be, what's the difference?

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    He would have to

    1) Win the electoral college vote later this year

    2) Convince Harris not to 25A him

    3) Have the democrats win a majority in the senate

    4) Have enough justices retire or die during his term

    If you were going to bet on it, I'd recommend putting your money on the snowball that's going to hell because it's got better chances than Biden's chances of packing the Supreme Court.

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