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Random pain in my privates ?

I get random pain in my vagina. Not the outside, but the inside on either side at random times. Is this something I should go to a doctor for or is it totally common for some people ? I tend to overreact about things but this is a more awkward topic.

So, let me start off by saying that I do not have a period. I have only had a few of them in my 18 years of living. These are not ovulation related pains. These are also not pains from anything related to sex. I just get them every so often & it’s been bothering me.

I have PCOS but it’s not bad. I’ve never had this happen before so it’s probably super unrelated. Who knows! I’m just trying to give some information. Please don’t be mean. I just want some real advice before I pack myself up to my doctor (who is over an hour away) over nothing. 

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    I can come around and have have a look 

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