I was sexually harassed at work for no reason. What did I do to deserve this treatment?

I am so confused because I did not provoke the situation. This situation has really shaken me up.

This girl at work was harassing. She made these sexual statements that put me on edge. She would joke that I was going to be the father of her child and began to rub her stomach. She would say I would be forced to pay child support. She is not pregnant btw.

I am a licensed banker and she is a teller. She can see clients receiving child support payments when they deposit checks.

I never flirted, dated, hung out, or slept with her.

I am 27 and she is 19.

I secretly reported her to HR with every incident she did to make a paper trail. This went on for six weeks.

I got a phone call from HR. They investigated and handled everything. I can make one phone call to the VP of HR if something else happens.

She hasn’t spoken to me in over a month since then and I want it that way. She has a look of fear when I am around.

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    If you fancied the person who harassed you then you wouldn't say it's harassment.

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