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As the Crown Duchess of Cornwall (wife of the Crown Prince), she is next Queen. Yes ?

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    No, she has chosen not to be called Queen consort

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    Not necessarily,  Phillip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth is a Prince and not king. As I understand it the Duchess of Cornwall, agreed to not be Queen or even a Princess.

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    Although the tile of Crown Prince(ss) is used in nearly all European monarchies to designate the heir(ess) to the throne, it's not used in the UK.  The title of Prince of Wales is used instead for the male heir (a female heir currently doesn't automatically receive a special title).

    Camilla will be the next Queen Consort, although there were rumors that she may decline to be referred to by that title.

    @Clo: I seriously doubt that Camilla declined to use the title of Princess of Wales to "honor Diana".  More likely it was to avoid the ire of the public who held her responsible for the breakup of the Waleses' marriage.

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    The title she currently uses is The Duchess of Cornwall, (the very first title Charles acquired in England as heir apparent) legally there’s nothing stopping her from using the title Princess of Wales.  While her husband does hold the position equivalent to a crown prince, that title is not used in The UK.  

    Yes, when Charles become The King, she will be The Queen.  

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  • Yes - although as the wife of the heir to the throne she is the Princess of Wales rather than a Crown Duchess. Princess Camilla chooses not to use this title in case it plunges her into a new and previously unknown depth of unpopularity. 

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    There is no such title as "Crown Duchess." Camilla's titles are Princess of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, Duchess of Rothesay, Countess of Carrick,Countess of Chester, Baroness Renfrew, Lady of the Isles, Princess and Great Steward of Scotland. The wife of the king, prince, or peer, assumes his titles. Camilla chooses to be known as Duchess of Cornwall and not Princess of Wales, in order to honor the late Diana, Princess of Wales--she wanted to show Diana-fanatics that she was not trying to replace Diana--intelligent people know that people can not be replaced.

    As the wife of the heir to the throne, Camilla will one day be Queen Consort. In the past, she has expressed a wish to be called "Princess Consort," a title that does not exist in the UK. Time will tell what title will be assumed/bestowed.

    There is no title of Crown Prince in the UK. The British use the special title of Prince of Wales for the male heir to the throne. Princess of Wales is the title only for the wife of the Prince of Wales.

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    I have never heard the Duchess of Cornwall, nor Prince Charles, called 'Crown' anything.  And yes, provided Camilla remains married to Prince Charles, if/when he becomes King, she will automatically become his Queen Consort.   It is said she doesn't intended to be called that however.   So we'll just have to wait and see.

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    No. There is no "Crown Duchess of Cornwall" or Crown Prince in the UK. The Heir apparent is the Prince of Wales and if/when he becomes king his wife will be Queen (consort) or whatever title he decides to grant.

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