My son is a recipient for IHSS he has autism and is under 18 . I heard he can get ssi. Would they give it to him? Because I’m the provider for the IHSS . Do they count the IHSS as income ? 

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  • Judith
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    1 month ago

    Your income counts.  SSI is based upon financial need. I'm just not clear whose income it is - yours or your sons?  If yours then a portion of the income will count against him because SSI deems income from parent to child when the child is under age 18 or in high school.  If it is his income and you receive it for him then he won't be eligible for SSI if it is greater than $803 a month.  All but $20 of the income will reduce his SSI benefit amount.  In other words, if he gets $500 a month then the SSI will be reduced by $480.

    I was a SS claims rep for 32 yrs.

  • 1 month ago

    from what I remember, yes they count your pay for IHSS ( just like they counnt pay from any job) against his eligibility for SSI.  If that is your only parental income, he might still be eligible for a partial benefit.

    it sounds like you live in California, as that is the only state I know of that fleeces taxpayers to pay parents to parent, even for disabilities that don't need specialized medical care (ie home health aide level).....

    also be aware that in CA if you get SSI, you are not eligible for food stamps.

    IHSS is one of the ridiculous programs that is causing financial issues for would be okay if the child was eligible for home medical care...then the state wouldn't be heading toward insolvency..

    most parents who get paid to parent could hire appropriate child care...just like everyone else...only a small percent of kids with disabilities have such complicated needs, it is not practical to hire adequate care.

  • 1 month ago

    Please try to remember where all that welfare money comes from!!

    !rhubarb is taking  welfare herself and is part of the problem!!

    Source(s): Hard working taxpayer.
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