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If I text me sons dad “f— you I apologized and then you just blocked me. You’re never going to see your son again!” Could he use that agains?

Could he use that against me? We got in a big fight and I blocked him first but then re added him and then I apologized to him but he blocked me. I want to text him so badly that he’s never going to see his son again but I’m worried that it’ll come back to haunt me down the road and he could use that against me. 

I have full custody of my son and his dad lives in a different state

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  • laura
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    1 month ago

    At the moment you’re angry after the argument and possibly not thinking straight. Maybe have a drink even just a glass of wine or a cuppa tea ☕️ anything that might help you relax. Get your thoughts together and when you feel calm you could always send a text saying you’re upset about being blocked. Whatever you do don’t word it where you say he will never see his son again as it could look aggressive and he might try and use it against you. 

  • 1 month ago

    I just wonder what you get out of "threatening" your baby's dad.  You have a poor relationship with him and you seem to not mind making it worse.  Think about your actions and the reason you're making them.

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