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Which is the best caliber and or bullet type that can go through obstacles and which to avoid?


for civilian use not military lol

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    If you're looking for something with a lot of punch for short-range use and DOESN'T require a personal loan to buy and shoot, try a .458 SOCOM.

  • C T M
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    1 month ago

    Don't listen to these other guys, they're trying to mess with you. You can trust me, I won;t steer you wrong.

    You need a .....



    Source(s): 50 BMG
  • Mr.357
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    1 month ago

    50 BMG would go through more than most other rounds.

  • Adam D
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    1 month ago

    You've already been told twice, I don't see the harm in saying it again:  .50 cal.

    If your update is in reference to this:  there is nothing preventing civilians (in the United States) from owning a .50 BMG.  They can be had for as little as $3,000, though a good one is going to cost $7,000 or so.

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  • 1 month ago

    .50 Cal rounds are anti-everything 

  • Bob
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    1 month ago

    50 cal. armor piercing rounds. 

    Source(s): Or maybe some buffalo bore if you mean a handgun.
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