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Will Covid-19 ever end? ?

Every generation must come across some kind of crisis, ours is a global pandemic, we are asked to social distance, wash our hands, wear masks in public, limit social activities etc. Our problem is there's no end in sight.How long for things to go back to normal? I'd say there will be a vaccine in 2021, I'm confident it will work and things won't be as bad as they are now but we will have a new normal that will hopefully prevent something like this happening again.

Here's a quote taken from the diary of a ww1 German-American born Corperal Quiren Groessl "I could hear these shells coming over I really began to know what fear was" during the years 1914 - 1918 there was a war to end wars, it lasted 4 years, conscription was in place, people were forced to fight, die or spend the remainder of the war or their lives in prison camps or hospitals. Many survived the 4 years with physical and mental scars that would put us to shame. 

We need to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and do what we can to stop this pandemic, we need to vote in people who we believe in, we need to follow the rules and guidelines in place by our leaders now and after the elections no matter who the leaders are and we need to stop stupidly protesting over masks I'm sure a ww1 gas mask was much worse, lack of quality food which we have readily available lack of clean water etc. We each need to get on with it and do our part instead of crying about it and making it more difficult for those in charge and us. 

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    Finding a vaccine isn't the end, not by a long shot. You have to get people - a LOT of people - to take it, and possibly to keep on taking it depending on how the immunity to covid works (which we still do not understand). Considering there are millions of people saying they would literally rather die than take it that is going to be a challenge.

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    I think that once a vaccine for it is developed, it will become less of a problem.  But the virus will probably be around forever.

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    Not as long as this administration is in place.

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    There might be a vaccine someday or there might not, we're still trying to cure that other coronavirus known as the "common cold" after all. Even Versinia Pestis (the Black Plague) is still with us in nature and pops up in humans every once in a while. We've learned how to treat that to where most survive and we'll probably get there with COVID-19 as well. But already in Sweden where they didn't do a hard lockdown herd immunity is reducing the spread. IMHO historians will write that the response to COVID-19, lockdowns that destroyed the global economy, was worse than the disease itself. We're actually quite fortunate in that COVID-19 doesn't have anywhere near the lethality of the plague. It's not even nearly as deadly as Ebola and some other diseases we've had to deal with as a species. 

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    Covid is a curse. It was in the small print on the contract Trump signed with Satan to win an election Republicans didn't expect or want him to win. 

    Sure Trump got what he wanted from Satan, but the contract  is like all Satanic contracts. It's written to make the signer sorry they signed it.The only other possibility is Trump will some how cheat his way into a second term, but then die soon after from Covid. Dying from a virus that killed so many because he ignored it is poetic justice and a fitting end to a horrible mans life. 

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    If course it will.  It already is, but it takes time. I don't think total shutdowns are the answer, but common sense practices are among the general population, which I think is the greatest challenge to accomplish in this country  where authorities lie about things like wearing masks, impose arbitrary rules like allowing bars to open, but closing bowling allies. Or when the CDC  changes testing policies one day, and flips the next day. Or when politicians condemn protesting of one type as being a threat to spread covid, but ignore it in another group.

    These kinds of actions undermine confidence that leaders are being truthful about the virus, and people begin to take it less seriously, become less careful, and then outbreaks occurs. 

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    It's already starting to die off, as the Democrats realize they're not keeping the population quite so terrified. 

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