Are you more likely to become a millionaire in Finance or by becoming a CEO?

I want to be a millionaire ( who doesn’t right) and I genuinely enjoy finance or the idea of starting my own company, I am trying to figure out which one I am most likely to succeed in. From my understanding becoming a millionaire on Wall Street is extremely difficult, you have to graduate from a top school and get into one of those ridiculously competitive firms like Goldman Sachs to even have a shot at making it big. Entrepreneurship on the other hand while I know it is incredibly difficult, you make your own path to success and from what I have heard you are more likely to become a millionaire than you would be on Wall Street. I was wondering if anyone had some experience in the business world and would have some input on that statement  ? 

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  • fcas80
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    First of all, do you mean having an annual salary of $1 million, or having assets of $1 million?  The second is much easier - save as much as you can, invest in growth mutual funds, and hopefully the funds will appreciate.

    If someone is going to pay you a salary of any amount, it is because you earn a multiple of that amount in profits for the company.  So you have to be selling some product, which could be your own expert advice, in a way that makes a profit.  Very few people can do this.

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