Good video game for PS4 or Switch with police chases.?

any racing video games like need for speed with cop chases.

the things I am looking for (or would be nice) in the cop chases

1.heat levels where escaping becomes harder the longer you are being pursuied

2. ability to change your car in the chase

3. ability to repair your car if it gets damaged in the chase

4. being able to disable the police car

5. the police using tactics like spike strips which take away your tires and make it harder to escape

6. maybe even the ability for you to use the weapons like spike strips

7. cops set up roadblocks to stop you and even try to ram you with heavy cars.

Need for Speed Most Wanted was the perfect game that had all of this.

3 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    as you know need for speed....GTA 5 might maybe solve your hunger for it.  the only problem is the difficulty on actually getting away is way way too will escape 1 out of 20 times...but that battlefield game with the cars in the multiplayer...that was pretty fun

  • Kyle
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    GTA V has everything you're asking for.  and in an open world setting based on LA, you have a lot more freedom to escape from police.  including up to five star pursuits where they send attack helicopters and SWAT teams.  

  • I'd say Beam NG, but i don't know if on ps4...

    edit  all those conditions are true to gta 4 & 5   ....however imho the driving physics are poor.. spike strips are in mafia 3

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