I'm starting a vacuum cleaning service what should i charge or know before beginning?

i have a steam water vacum that really does take deep deep dirt from carpet and i think it would really help others with dirty carpet is there anything i need to know about customer service how to talk or deal with customers and what is a fair price i should charge?

Thanks for your help.

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  • drip
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    4 weeks ago
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    You are not a vacuum cleaning service. Technically that sounds like you clean vacuums. 

    You clean carpet. 

    Are you bonded? Insured? This protects you if anything is damaged. You back into a china cabinet and things get broken. 

    What to charge, how much does it cost you? What do you want to make per hour? How long would it take you? What do other business charge in your area?  Is there a market for your business. 

    Be sure to know  how to pay taxes with your business.

    Make sure your customer knows exactly what you are going to do and not do. Are you moving all furniture? What about all breakables in the area or in/on furniture, do they need to have all that cleared. 

    Be precise in price and work done, Return all emails and phone calls in a timely matter. Be on time! Get the work done in the amount of time you said it would be done.  

    Honestly you don’t sound too knowledgeable about starting up your own business. There is so much more than just going in and cleaning carpet in a room.  You may want to see if your local community college offers any small business courses.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Just because you like clean carpets, maybe others don't?   You are going to have to ask around to get a general idea IF THEY WOULD BE WILLING TO PAY FOR THAT OR JUST LIVE WITH DIRTY CARPETS.  With this virus grabbing all the finances, I think food for the table and paying the rent and utilities is foremost on their minds right now.   You may find that there is not enough customers or not enough cash in it to even do the job.

    For example my carpets were new in 1975 so all they ever got was a light vacuuming all them years and they look fine. So "psss off" is my response to you, I don't need you. That is a fair price for me(or $0)

  • 1 month ago

    Before you begin, you should have researched to know how much you can charge to get jobs.  Then you need to figure out if that covers your costs and makes you enough to live on.  

    Look into insurance for if your customer claims you did damage and tries to sue you.  That could be for damaging carpet, knocking over something in the house, backing into their garage, etc.  (incorporating can help protect your personal assets as well)

    You'll be doing a sales and service role.  Repeat business will be important.  Return calls and texts in a timely manner.  Be on time or early.  Leave enough time between jobs to make sure you are.  

  • Barry
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    1 month ago

    Bear in mind that if you damage a carpet worth thousands of pounds/dollars it will end your business and you may also lose assets. I suggest that you attend a carpet cleaning course to learn the pitfalls and that you insure yourself against law suits.

    Source(s): I hold a diploma in Cleaning Science (UK).
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